Michigan Canoeing
Welcome to Rainbow Resort Cabins and Canoe Livery on the quiet side of the AuSable River in Mio, Michigany

Canoe the AuSable River in Mio and remember when life was simple and worry-free!
Our canoe livery serves the quiet side of the AuSable River, from Grayling on the mainstream and Roscommon on the South Branch to the Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery Landing at the boundary of the Mio Pond.
A Convenient Canoe and Kayak Experience
Whether you are an experienced paddle sports enthusiast or just curious about how much fun you can have in a canoe or kayak, you've come to the right place for your river experience.
Peaceful Canoeing on the AuSable River
Here on the quiet side of the AuSable River, our guests have seen mink, loons, deer, ducks, turtles, river otters, beaver..... but nothing beats seeing a bald eagle swoop down and grab a fish out of the water! An early morning paddle is our favorite; there are so many more birds and forest critters along the water's edge when you're the first one on the river.
Call us today and plan your day, weekend, or week with us. We can accommodate all of your adventure needs. We have all the gear you need to experience Michigan's great outdoors!!
We have canoe and kayak trips ranging from 1.5 hours to 3 days.

Parmalee - Our most popular trip, 'the three hour tour' finishes at Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery Landing where you can walk to your cabin or vehicle when finished. It's the perfect length for a half-day trip or evening paddle or you can take your time and turn it into a full day of fun on the river.

Whirlpool - This is our shortest trip at 1.5 hours and it finishes at the Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery Landing. You'll see spectacular views and perhaps catch a glimpse of the wildlife that lives along the water's edge. Feel free to slow down and enjoy the peacefulness of the AuSable River and our beautiful backwaters.

McMaster's Bridge - If you have the time, try the McMaster's Bridge trip; it begins in Crawford County on the mainstream of the AuSable River and ends at the Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery Landing. A full six hour trip, you'll want an early start so you can stop along the AuSable River for a bit of exploration. Take your time - you've got all day!

Parmalee - Whirlpool: For those that want a short trip on the AuSable River and don't want to paddle, this 1.5 hour trip starts at the Parmalee access site and finshes at the Whirlpool access site where you'll be picked up by one of our courteous Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery drivers.

McMasters - Whirlpool: This 4.5 hour trip starts at the McMaster's Bridge in Crawford County and finishes at the Whirlpool access site where you'll be picked up by another one of our courteous Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery drivers.

Smith Bridge - The nine hour trip begins at a picturesque wood-planked bridge on the South Branch of the AuSable River. Some of our guests thoroughly enjoy every aspect of their up-north adventure by making it an overnight trip and camping along the AuSable River.

Chase Bridge - The Mason Tract, on the South Branch of the AuSable River in Roscommon County, is the most natural and secluded section of the AuSable River. Canoe this stretch and feel as free as the AuSable River as it carries you through a gorgeous backdrop of the northern backwoods. This trip starts at the Chase Bridge and is a thirteen hour paddle back to the Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery - perfect for the overnight canoe trip!

Tubing- When it's too hot to canoe the AuSable River, try tubing! Relaxing, refreshing and sometimes invigorating, tubing allows you to put your feet up and breathe easy. We have a two and a half hour tubing trip from Parmalee Bridge to the Whirlpool Landing. The Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery uses only dual-chambered commercial rental tubes - with and without bottoms. Commercial cooler tubes are also available.

Your canoe and kayak rental includes: watercraft, paddles, boat cushions or life jackets as well as transportation. You may want to bring sunscreen, insect repellant, water-proof camera, food/beverages and sunglasses or hat. Don't worry if you forget something - the Rainbow Resort Canoe Livery has a fully stocked camp store for all your souvenirs and last minute needs.

Number of
Canoe / Kayaks
Parmalee to Whirlpool
1 1/2 hours
Whirlpool to Landing
1 1/2 hours
Parmalee to Landing
3 hours
McMaster's Bridge to Whirlpool
5 hours
McMaster's Bridge to Landing
6 1/2 hours
Smith Bridge to Landing
10 hours
Grayling / Roscommon to Landing
14 hours
1 Canoe / Kayak
$28 $22 $28 $35 $38 $40 $45**
2 or more Each
$26 $20 $26 $33 $36 $37 $43**
5 or more Each
$25 $19 $25 $32 $35 $35 $40**


Like to fish? - rent a rowboat on the Mio Pond / $15 day

Customized river trips may be available with advance reservations

2 1/2 hour tubing trip $12 - $15 (includes transportation)    

$10 for a 2-day tube rental - no transportation provided

Kayaks are $3 off posted rates

**Grayling/Roscommon are overnight trips - $10 per additional day

Refundable deposit may be required when trip does not end at Rainbow Resort Landing

  • Rates based on 2 people per canoe - $3  additional passenger.
  • Price includes transportation, paddles, and cushions or life preservers.
  • Deposit required to reserve canoe and is applied toward the cost of the trip.
  • Rain checks issued only for inclement weather.
  • Glass bottles and Styrofoam containers are prohibited.
  • Additional fee for failure to reach destination.
  • Alcohol limit of one six-pack per canoe.


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